Brian McKnight

Project Summary
• Social Marketing
• Facebook Ad Campaigns
• 10/10 relevancy scores
• Organic activity far surpassing paid

Launch Site

Project Details

This project should probably be listed in our new marketing portfolio, but since that tends to focus more on traditional SEO versus social marketing, we’ve kept it here. In mid-2016 we were hired to develop a few Facebook ad campaigns for R&B star Brian McKnight. The campaigns performed tremendously. The paid portion of our ads ended up being dwarfed by organic activity, which is the sure-sign that you’re creating an engaging post/effective ad. Facebook gave us 10/10 relevancy scores for each and every campaign; ensuring that the client was truly delivered the best bang for their buck. Our weekly engagement rate ended up surpassing Drake (who has a 35 million Like count) – not bad for a “mere” 1.5 million audience! We’re eyeing Brian McKnight’s website next 😉

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